[Samba] Samba share invisible on Windows machines: okay on Linux host

BobH rwhart at netexpress.net
Sun Feb 24 12:23:02 GMT 2002

   I am trying to set up a Samba server:
     Version:   2.2.3a
     OS         RedHat 7.2 with all updated and errata

     nmblookup  reports that the server is alive
     smbclient  allows me to login with either of the two established
                  user names as long as I use plain text.

     ps -ef | grep mbd returns an response with pid for nmbd but none for 
smbd.  Servers are started in xinetd.d as per the documentation.

     Even though nmbd and smbd appear to be alive, I cannot see the share 
named "LOCALSMB"  on any windows machine on the same subnet.  I can ping 
the samba server okay.

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