[Samba] HEAD CVS branch and group mapping problems

Jeffrey D. Means meaje at picotech.net
Sun Feb 24 01:29:03 GMT 2002

I have finally gotten my system working but am now perplexed about how
to do group mapping.  I have read and followed the smbgroupedit
instructions but to no avail.  I have a SID in my windows xp box that
shows the correct SID but does not map it to a human friendly name ie.
Domain Admins. So thus I can not have effective groups on my server yet
(bummer).  It shows a broken SID icon for the admin group in the
security window.  Also I have several of the builtin groups ie I have 3
Domain Admins with 3 SIDs  they all are mapped to the same group but I
am wondering if I can get rid of the ones not using the same SID as the
one found in MACHINE.SID
Also I would like to know how to limit the username lookups on samba so
I don't show all my linux users to my samba users (is it even
possible?).  Thanks for helping me get this far I really appreciate it.
I really like the idea that there is a way to give users a familiar
desktop environment while maintaining the stability of linux.
Jeffrey D. Means
CIO for PicoTech
Ft. Collins, Colorado
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