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# sriram # sriram at imsc.ernet.in
Fri Feb 22 02:42:20 GMT 2002

Once upon a time MH wrote...

!do I get this right, you print from a unix machine, but ht eprinter is
!connected to a windows box?
---> thatz right...

! i get only a single line in the printout...
!and that line is having the 'stairs effect' like this:
!this is 
!        a line of
!                  text with stairs
---> no stair case business....itz just a single line....how ever long the text is..just the first line..
!which unix (linux, i presume) are you using? does that one have some
!kind of printer setup? you shouldnt just 'connect to' a printer but if I
!guess right (If you had provided more infos at first, I wouldnt have to
!guess), you should be able to find some printer setup tool within your
!admin tools. There, configure the 'printer connection' you made with
!that windows box to convert ascii text from 'unix line endings' to
!'MS-DOS line endings'.
----> i use printerdrake to configure my printer ....it is a HP PSC 500 series laser...and the conf tool by default gives me 5 different ones but none of them seem to print the test page...
i downloaded a small perl script which detects end of line and adds a \n automatically ...(but that should be used in conjunction with lpd and a .config) ..even that ditched me

!	MH

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