[Samba] Multi-stream files

ard at waikato.ac.nz ard at waikato.ac.nz
Thu Feb 21 19:05:04 GMT 2002

Hello folks.

When my users view an image that is stored on an NTFS filesystem then
transfer it to my Samba box, the following three files appear on the

Size  Name
61013 pic0010.jpg
 7872 pic0010.jpg:zxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:$DATA
    0 pic0010.jpg:{yyyyyyyy-yyyy-yyyy-yyyy-yyyyyyyyyyyy}:$DATA

The .jpg is intact.  Presumably the smaller file is the thumbnail and the
zero-length file is, well, empty.

The easiest way to replicate this problem is to find the test image in
Win2K's "My Documents\My Pictures\", preview it, then copy it to the
Samba mount.

Obviously this is going to throw some of my users, so I'd like to work
around it.  First of all I'd like to know whether this is a common
occurrence or our odd setup.  Could somebody out there do the test and
tell me how it goes?  Please?

Secondly, is there a fix?  Deleting or hiding the two out-of-band stream
files looks like a pretty good idea right now, but that's a bit "A-Team."
I'd prefer something more "Mission Impossible."

Samba is 2.2.3a, clients are Win2K Pro and others.

Many thanks in advance!

Andrew Donkin                  Waikato University, Hamilton,  New Zealand

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