[Samba] Authenticaton problems using winbindd

Linux Boy cslinuxboy at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 21 17:18:20 GMT 2002

Hello everyone:

     I have downloaded, compiled (with winbind) and installed samba 2.2.3.  
I also have followed the directions on how to configure samba to allow 
authentication of users via winbindd off of a Win PDC.  However, I am still 
unable to get the authentication to work at all.  Below is some of my 

smb.conf: (partial)

winbind separator = +
winbind uid = 10000-20000
winbind cache time = 15
winbind enum users = yes

smb.conf also includes the usually encrypted passwords.  But is "server auth 
type" suppost to be "server" or "domain"

I also install the *.so files compiled with winbind and edited the 
pam.d/login file to allow authentication for termincal logons:

auth       required	/lib/security/pam_securetty.so
auth       required	/lib/security/pam_nologin.so
auth       sufficient	/lib/security/pam_winbind.so
auth       required     /lib/security/pam_pwdb.so use_first_pass shadow 

And yes, I edited the nsswitch.conf file.

But when I am presented with the terminal login prompt I provide the 


It still does not work?  I am testing it off of my laptop and can see 
network traffic from my laptop when I try and login.  So I think it is 
talking to the domain controler but I think I dont have some pam settings 
correct.  OH by the way, I ran wbinfo -u and wbinfo -g and was able to get 
the user and group listings back.

So what did I do wrong or what have I not done yet?  Any help would be 
greatly appreciated.


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