[Samba] Unable to access Samba shares from Windows XP home edition

John Benedetto jbenedet at unm.edu
Thu Feb 21 17:49:05 GMT 2002

--On Friday, February 22, 2002 1:31 AM +0100 Anders Widman 
<andewid at tnonline.net> wrote:

> Nope. Windows HOME EDITION can access Samba share, and shares from
> other Windows machines. However, Windows HOME EDITION can not JOIN a
> DOMAIN. It can only be apart of a WORKGROUP.

Hmmm... thank you for that clarification, and my apologies for being 
slightly off base!

- john

> //Anders
>> No, no. no!  You missed the really important part of his question:
>> "Windows  XP Home".
>>    ^^^^
>> If I am not mistaken, XP Home is written so it CANNOT connect to a
>> domain-based (read: Windows server) network.  Since Samba is an
>> implementation of the same SMB protocol that Windows servers use, I
>> would  expect that the limitation would extend to Samba as well.  :-(
>> - john

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