[Samba] How to connect across the Internet

Lonnie Cumberland lonnie at outstep.com
Thu Feb 21 17:14:03 GMT 2002


I was recently told that setting my Linux Samba server up as a WINS
server would do the job nicely, but I am unclear as to if this is the
best approach and alsowhat changes would be required to my smb.conf
and also on each of the Windows Clients on the Internet that will be

Could someone please advice me a little more in detail if you have
done something like this and what problems you had?

Thanks for all of the help everyone.

> I guess there can be numerous ways to fix this, depending on what
> security level you want.
> Normally by adding NETBIOS name of the machines in your hosts
> file should be enough. But many ISPs activley reject these kinds
> of
> connection because poor security.
> //Anders
>> Hello All,
>> Well my Samba server is up and running good, but I am now
>> needing to be able to let some of my users connect to our server
>> who is not located on our local network.
>> Actually they are located some distance away and I would like to
>> be able to allow then to connect.
>> Has anyone had any success with this and how it might be done?
>> Best Regards,
>> Lonnie
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