[Samba] long filenames always mangled under dos

Ries van twisk rvt at dds.nl
Thu Feb 21 14:57:04 GMT 2002

I'm not sure if this is what you want but take a look at:
http://www.rom-o-matic.org/ to create boot disks. You can also take a
look at ltsp at sf.net for how to setup a linux server to make thin

If you want to boot win98 from a server I don't have a clue how to do
that but I think I have read somewhere that that is only possible with
win95 and not with win98 but maby some guru figured it out how to do
that. You can run win98 in several vmware or win4lin sessions but I
think you need a heavy server to do that. Display drivers are then easy!
Just setup to do it all!


André Weidemann wrote:
> I create a Bootdisk from Win98 with "sys a:" and the netsetup from the
> Microsoft FTP-server to have TCP/IP under DOS.
> I can map the shares from Samba to a drive with:
> "net use d: \\server\win98"
> The problem is that all long filenames are mangled, but not in the way
> DOS does it.
> The Folder "Program Files" does not become "Progra~1" but "Progr~4Z".
> Is there a way to tell Samba to mangle the names according to DOS
> conventions?
> Or is there a way to make DOS handle long file names? (Because in a
> Dos-Prompt under Win98 you always have the long names displayed but not
> if you boot from a floppy disk.)
> I'm doing all this because I want to setup a diskless Workstation and
> have no other Idea of creating a bootdrive without having a harddrive
> installed on my computer.
> Thanx a lot in advance,
>   André.
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