[Samba] smbprint & .config

David Brodbeck DavidB at mail.interclean.com
Wed Feb 20 11:30:40 GMT 2002

I think you need to escape the backslashes by putting them in single quotes,
otherwise they disappear.  Here's my .config file, which is working with
Samba 2.2.3a:


Note the use of single quotes.

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I seem to have some issues coming to terms with the new smbprint
configuration. Not that it is all that new, but I have worked on a ton of
AIX Samba systems that are runing 1.9.x and the smbprint worked great in all
aspects.  The box's couldn't be upgraded (or so said the company that did
application builds related to Samba).  The printers were and are hosted from
windows95 workstations and shared. I currently am running RedHat 7.2, and am
using rpm's but have uninstalled and installed from source back and fourth
to see if something was wrong with the install.  My main issue is I think I
just dont understand the command line of smbprint script in Samba 2.2.1a
compared the the script included in 1.9.x.  And I have seen 2 different
explanations of the .config file.  Both explanations saying that field order
matters. but both having different fields.  

#One was:

#Another was:

My /etc/printcap entry has evolved to this entry over time, and seeing a few
different howto's and reading the doc's:


Main problem is once I create the .config with either of the preceding
examples, then the smbprint file errors with:

: Not enough '\' characters in service

The format I have tried smbprint is 'smbprint host service username password
</redirected input' which worked with the 1.9.x script, and still does.  So
I am not sure if the .config file in each instance was incorrect, or the
syntax of my command.  I also tried smbspool command and didn't seem to get
that correct either.

If anyone who has this working is willing to shoot me an email, or point me
at usage docs or an obvious mistake, then that would be great.  Thanks in
advance for any assistance.  Please email to samba at a-1loans.com as well as
the list.


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