[Samba] smb_password_ok: NT MD4 password check failed

pilsl at goldfisch.at pilsl at goldfisch.at
Wed Feb 20 05:55:02 GMT 2002

samba 2.2.2

After installing samba 2.2.2 and using as PDC in a NT4-network I
encounter regulary problems with domainlogon. Most times there is only
a message in the NT-eventlog that no domaincontroller can be found,
but often there is also the message on the client that no remote
profile could be found or that the remote profile could not be

This problems dont occure on all clients and not every day.

After digging deeper with a high debug-level I encountered many errors

smb_password_ok: NT MD4 password check failed

that correlate with the domain-problems in time. On machines without
problems I get the line

smb_password_ok: NT MD4 password check succeed.

Does this error mean, that there is a problem with the machinepassword
? So maybe it would help to remove the client from the domain, reset
the machinepassword and add the client to the domain again.

If it is this obvious problem: why does the error not occure every day


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