[Samba] WIN2K question

Tony Ricker rickera2 at SLU.EDU
Tue Feb 19 14:50:09 GMT 2002

	I have scoured the archives and the How-to's and I am still having
trouble getting a Win2k to join a samba hosted domain. I have come
across different docs saying you need/do not need a root samba account
and that it needs/does not need to have the same password. I am lost as
to what I am missing. I created the machine account and added the
smbpasswd -a -m machine name. I try and add the machine to the domain
and get "user not found on domain" error. What do I need add to get the
right account to add the machine to the domain? Or can someone guide me
to a current doc that explains this? I appreciate any and all help.


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