[Samba] Windows changes file ownership & ACL's - any solution?

Josh Konkol susesambaboy at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 18 06:25:02 GMT 2002

I'm running SuSE 7.0, Samba 2.2.2 w/Winbind, Pam, on 2.2.20 Kernel w/ACL 

I have just verified that I'm having this same problem.  Exactly.  I saved a 
file on a Samba share, then I verified I was the owner.  I then went to a 
co-worker's computer and opened, edited, saved the file with M$ Word.  Now 
when I look at ownership, it is set to him as the owner and the permissions 
are reset.  When I follow the same steps using Notepad, the ownership and 
permissions aren't changed.

Here are the settings for my share:

        comment = Test Winbind Share
        path = /mnt/share
        create mask = 0777
        browseable = Yes
        writeable = yes

Here is the ACL for the file before I edited it with M$ Word.

linux10:/mnt/share # getfacl acltest.doc
# file: acltest.doc
# owner: DOMAIN+$ejwk
# group: DOMAIN+Domain Users

Here is the ACL for the file After I edited it with M$ Word.

linux10:/mnt/share # getfacl acltest.doc
# file: acltest.doc
# owner: DOMAIN+I10201
# group: DOMAIN+Domain Users

How do we work around this problem.  

Anyone have any ideas or having the same problems ??


Josh Konkol

On Sunday 17 February 2002 21:45, peter.a.bryant at mainroads.qld.gov.au wrote:
> We have a problem with file security settings changing when
> a file is edited by someone who is not the owner.
> When the edited file is saved, ownership is transferred to the
> person who edited the file.  Also, access control settings for the
> file are reset to a default setting.
> This is a real problem, since in some cases it means that the
> original owner of the file no longer has permission to edit the file.
> The problem occurs with many applications - Word, Excel, WordPro,
> the Star Office editor, but not with Notepad or WordPad.
> What seems to happen is that the applications create a copy of the
> original document when opening the document.  This copy has the
> ownership of the current user and that users default access controls.
> When the file is then saved, the original file is deleted and the copy
> saved under the original name (along with the different owner and access
> properties)
> This behaviour seems incorrect to me, but apparently is quite standard
> among applications.
> I was wondering if there is currently a way to override this behaviour
> via Samba?
> If anyone else has experienced these problems I would like to hear about it
> (even if you didn't get a solution)
> Any input is welcome.
> (We are currently running Samba 2.0.6 on Solaris 8 servers
>    with a mixture of Win NT, 2000 & XP clients.
>    Planning on upgrading to latest Samba soon.)
> thanks
> -peter.
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