[Samba] trouble using wbinfo while on domain.

Mahoney, Tom tom.mahoney at riaco.com
Thu Feb 14 13:01:06 GMT 2002

I wonder if anyone could help me with a problem that I'm having.
On our company domain I have a linux box running samba-2.2.2 which I have
succesfully joined to the domain with no problems and which I can issue any
of the wbinfo commands with no error.
However I have another machine on a seperate subnet running another linux
box which is joined to the main lan by our company wan.
Now on this other linux box I have been able to get it to join the domain.
However wbinfo tells me that it can't get a list of users or groups nor can
it resolve SID's to names etc...

I'm curious what I could be doing wrong or what would prevent it from
working while the other box is more than happy to work.
Any and all help are totally appriciated as I don't know where to begin
troubleshooting this except to search for the errors I'm getting and that
only returns samba info on much older releases which is of course no help.
Thanks in advance.

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