[Samba] Codepage.1256

Anmar Oueja anmar at merlinsoftech.com
Thu Feb 14 09:46:40 GMT 2002

On 2/14/02 9:26 AM, "Herb Lewis" <herb at sgi.com> wrote:

> Look in the samba source under source/codepages and you will find files
> called codepage_def.xxx (where xxx is the codepage number). You will
> need
> to create a similar file for your codepage.
> Anmar Oueja wrote:
>> Hello:
>> I have found the CP1256.TXT file to compile unicode_map.1256 codepage for
>> Samba 2.2.1a. When I change the directive to "client code page = 1256"
>> Smbd complains that the codepage.1256 is not found. I tried making a copy of
>> the unicode page to a code page but smbd complains that it is the wrong page
>> size.
>> Do I have to create a code page called codepage.1256 from scratch or is
>> there a solution out there.
>> What are the unicode_map.xxx files for ?
>> I guess all I am asking is how can I get codepage.1256 (arabic support) to
>> work on Samba
>> Regards,
>> Anmar
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When I put in "smb.conf" the following line "client code page = 1256" and
restart smbd, all I get is an error stating that codepage 1256 is not found.

Now I did compile CP1256.TXT to unicode_map.1256 file using
"make_unicodemap" command.

Basically, I have in my codepages directroy a all the codepages files Samba
2.2.1 came with plus the "unicode_map.1256" file.

Do I need a codepage.1256 file or not, and if not, what should I put next to
the  "client code page =" line ?


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