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MCCALL,DON (HP-USA,ex1) don_mccall at hp.com
Thu Feb 14 09:20:54 GMT 2002

Problem is that samba uses pstrings which are fixed length buffers for
the smb.conf parameters.
And you hosts allow line is longer than that.
Bottom line is, if you MUST have security at this level (ie you must 
restrict connections to a certain set of machines), then you will
have to determine some way to shorten your hosts allow list:

For instance,
if your dns or /etc/hosts file is doing it's job, you SHOULDN'T need
to put the domain part.  If you are using dns, you can specify domains
to search for machine names that don't have domains explicitly appended.
see man resolv.conf for more information...
Hope this helps,
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Hi all,

I have a samba 2.0.9 server acting as a print server for one of our
classrooms. we have recently moved our machines onto dhcp instead of
static ip's. Before I had hosts allow = ip address of about 30 machines.
Now I have to put the full hostname and domain name of the achines so
that it all works. ie hosts allow = machine.domain. 

However samba won't start as it says string overflow by 56 in
safe_strcpy. can anyone suggest a fix to this problem.


Kristyan Osborne IT Assistant Manager
Longhill High School

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