[Samba] Printing to File

Brian J. Erickson ericksbr at infocon-inc.com
Wed Feb 13 17:23:02 GMT 2002

I have a bit of a problem, however, I am not
sure if it has been solved, or what.

I have:
RedHat Linux 7.2
samba  version 2.2.1a
Client machine is Windows NT 4.0
    (Service Pack 5.0)
Printer: using an NT driver on an NT machine
    configured to print to the port-'file'.

I am trying to print a file on a samba file server
to a "printer".  When the file is stored on
an NT machine, I get the dialog box that asks
for output file location.  If I print the file from samba,
I don't get the prompt and printing fails.

I have looked through the mailing list and haven't
found anything simluar.  I also looked at the
recent fixes to samba, but haven't seen anything
that deals with this problem.  Sometimes, NT seems
to write a file called "Ne01:", could that be part of the

In both cases, the win32 function 'StartDoc' return 1,
it just doesn't display the dialog box.


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