[Samba] Linux ACLs and samba access from W2K

David Bowler dbowler at eleceng.adelaide.edu.au
Wed Feb 13 15:36:20 GMT 2002

I have just installed samba on one of my linux boxes with acl support
and while I can view and modify existing entries with the sercurity
properties in explorer on W2K, I cannot add an entry for a new user.  I
should say that the user database on the linux box comes from NDS and
nisplus, although local users in /etc/passwd do not work either.  When I
try to add an entry, it gives me a list of all the unix groups as well
as standard W2K groups, but no users.  If I try and select a unix group,
it gives an error, "unable to lookup user names for display" and fails
to add the group.  If I try and enter a username manually, I get an
error advising that it cannot find it - do I want to correct spelling.

What is interesting is that on Windows NT 4.0, I can add any group
without a problem and although I can't display the useres, I can add
them in manually.

Since the box on my desk is W2K I would really like to be able to add
users from here.  Any suggestions
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