[Samba] SMB-server from Win2k -> Red Hat Linux 7.2 - Samba 2.2.1a seen in Network Neighbourhood but not browsable

Don Zajic donald.zajic at verizon.net
Wed Feb 13 02:32:16 GMT 2002

Diembo, I can't answer the first without seeing your smb.conf file, however
your second issue is the Samba Configuration menu option in KDE.  What this
is attempting to do is run SWAT on port 901 on your localhost (
To allow this, you need to be running a Web Server on your linux box and
have port 901 available in your /etc/services file with a line like this:

swat			901/tcp 		# Samba Web Administration Tool

Don Zajic

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Hi everyone,

I am new to the list and new to Linux as well as to Samba. I've read quite a
few howtos, man-pages and other docs on samba now. I configured my own
SMB-server with smbd and nmbd. Of course I generated a smb.conf file and my
server is accessible and running on the Linux mashine. I can connect with
smbclient to the Linux-mashine and to the win2k-mashine (hostname and
are running). So far, so good. But I cannot connect from the win2k-mashine
the linux-mashine, but I can see it in my Network-Neighbourhood. When I try
the command 'net use h: \\linux\public' I get an error-message (on the
win2k-mashine, telling me that the host deosn't exist). I tried the same
command with 'Linux' insted of 'linux' but it's not written in capitals
anyway (only in the network-neighbourhood of win2k). I have encrypted
passwords turned on in smb.conf.
Besides this there is a ridle for me:
In Linux (KDE 2.2) I have this nice link to 'Samba Configuration' in my
K-Menu. When I try to launch that, my browser doesn't find the page . Why does this link want to open this page? Why on
port 901? I thought netbios-shares communicate over ports 137-139 and not
901. How do I get a more user-friendly setup-tool? Well, the last questions
aren't as important as the first ones but I would be very happy if anyone
could answer me one of these many questions, so I don't have to play the
of htdig on the net myself ;-).

Diembo working @ Linux :-P

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