[Samba] Winbind - Why won't you authenticate???

Thomas, Daniel J. Daniel.Thomas at jhuapl.edu
Tue Feb 12 12:15:05 GMT 2002

Well, I managed to get Samba 2.2.3 up and running on our Solaris 8 machine.
I installed with the winbind option and everything went though just find.  
I was able to join the NT domain and now I can do a wbinfo -u  "and get a
domain user list as well as a "wbinfo -g and get a group list.  For some
reason though, the authentication isn't working.

I tried to "wbinfo -a" and used a number of possible names.  The samba
server is on an NT domain called "jwad" and it has a trust relationship with
"jhuapl".  My user account is on jhuapl, and I want to get authenticated.
When I try the wbinfo -a jhuapl\thomadj1%PASSWORD it returns fail signals on
both clear text and challange/reponse methods.  From what I see though, it
doesn't even appear to be trying to talk to the domain controller, because
the Reponses are given way to quick for any real network activity to have
taken place.

Please lend some advice if you have any.  I can probably get sample output
if needed.

Daniel J. Thomas
Systems Administrator
Johns Hopkins University
Applied Physics Laboratory
Laurel, MD

Balt:    (443) 778-7924
Wash:  (240) 228-7924

"Always avoid a bad file copy...
You can never know when your replication proceeds you."
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