[Samba] Browsing Issues and the FAQ

Glenn Sieb ges at lumeta.com
Tue Feb 12 11:56:03 GMT 2002

Just FYI, the FAQ is pretty good about addressing the browsing issues some 
people have been mentioning. Here at Lumeta, I could never quite understand 
why our domain would show some boxes from one person's PC and others from 
another, after all, we're one domain with a Samba server, so what's the 
deal, right?

Well, after reading the FAQ ( 
http://www.samba.org/samba/ftp/docs/textdocs/BROWSING.txt ), which is also 
included in the source package, I was able to see that my Samba server was 
acting like a Master Browser on our network and kept winning the elections 
over our Win2k server (due to the fact that a fellow admin had upped the OS 
level to 90, so the Browser Wars (ack) were on...A simple setting that to 0 
let the PDC (err sorry, the "DC", as "PDC" and "BDC"s don't exist in the 
WinRealm anymore *cough*) win the browser elections.

As for browsing across subnets, they also cover that in the same document. 
If you set your samba servers as the "local master" for their subnet, but 
*not* the domain master (of course you will need one box to serve as the 
domain master browser), it *should* all talk across the subnets to the DMB.

Good luck!
(who hopes he didn't mangle that too badly :))

Glenn E. Sieb, System Administrator
Lumeta Corp. mailto:ges at lumeta.com
+1 732 357-3514 (V)
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