[Samba] printing info needed

Martin Zielinski mz at seh.de
Tue Feb 12 07:28:05 GMT 2002

Hello experts,
I really did'nt want to, but now I have to understand what's really going on 
when trying to print.
I need to know why the hp 9x0C deskjet printqueue even don't want to open the 
properties window  and
sometimes the KXdrivers from Kyocera refuse to print.
I can find questions in the lists but no answeres.
As there is so much documentation and source code on the one hand and MS 
secrets on the other, I really can't find out where I can find the infos I 

Please give me some hints, where I can find precise informations about 
spoolss, the PIPE commands and how the installed drivers are involved in the 
communication with the samba server (what they are expecting and so on).

Of course I'd let you know, if I find something out regarding to open 

Thanks in advance,

Martin Zielinski, SEH Computertechnik GmbH mz at seh.de

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