[Samba] with-quotas

Matt Pavlovich mpav at algx.net
Tue Feb 12 06:53:12 GMT 2002

It enables Samba to report the quota levels to clients, instead of total
disk space.  This only works if you have quotas on the underlying
filesystem that Samba is sharing out.  (Quotas enabled on /home for
example)  So a user connecting to a share will see his quota as his
available disk space.

According to the release notes of 2.2.2, Samba has problems with the
--with-quotas option and stock Linus' 2.4.x Kernels.  I have not heard
if this was fixed w/ 2.2.3a, or if a later 2.4.x Kernel fixes this

Matt Pavlovich

Arianto C Nugroho wrote:
> hi ...
> can anybody explain the --with-quotas option in samba 2.2.3a configure script??
> is this option has anything to do with my file system quota ??
> thanx
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