[Samba] Problem to logon samba 2.2.2 PDC

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at pcug.org.au
Mon Feb 11 03:45:03 GMT 2002

Marbacher Christophe wrote:
> Hi,
> It seems I had the same problem as you. I try to authenticate my users using
> an external PAM module, so I get to set EncryptPassword = no to activate it.
> When I try to login from Linux console using smbclient it works, when I try
> to map a drive from windows workstation (using net use ... ... /user:xxx) it
> works, when I join the domain it works, but when I try to login into the
> domain I'm not allowed and it seems that samba doesn't try to use PAM to
> authenticate. Is there any special cas with High Encryption Pack (128bits),
> SP1 on w2k and domain logon?

Domain logins imply the use of encrypted passwords.  You cannot use PAM
and (NT/Win2k style) domain logons - they simply are inconpatible.

Depending on what your external PAM module does, you may be able to use
the new plugable auth subsystem in HEAD to achive a similar outcome on a
challange-response basis.

Andrew Bartlett

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