[Samba] Problem to logon samba 2.2.2 PDC

Marbacher Christophe christophe.marbacher at nagra.com
Mon Feb 11 01:39:10 GMT 2002


It seems I had the same problem as you. I try to authenticate my users using
an external PAM module, so I get to set EncryptPassword = no to activate it.
When I try to login from Linux console using smbclient it works, when I try
to map a drive from windows workstation (using net use ... ... /user:xxx) it
works, when I join the domain it works, but when I try to login into the
domain I'm not allowed and it seems that samba doesn't try to use PAM to
authenticate. Is there any special cas with High Encryption Pack (128bits),
SP1 on w2k and domain logon?

I'm still looking for an explaination.
I'm using samba 2.2.3 on RH 7.1, w2k SP1 (with High Encryption Pack


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