[Samba] smbpasswd and RID values

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at pcug.org.au
Sun Feb 10 03:29:32 GMT 2002

Gonzalo Servat wrote:
> Hi Andrew
> This is version 2.2.3a
> The error doesn't really bother me much as everything still seems to
> work fine but the less errors in the log file the better :)
> Another thing I noticed that I couldn't manage to create an LDIF file
> for a samba-only user without having to use the posixAccount
> objectclass. smbpasswd doesn't change the password for a samba-only user
> with an error similar to "We couldn't find user <username>"
> Once I added the posixAccount objectClass for the samba-only user with
> the required attribute types (cn, uid, home directory, etc) it then
> successfully changed the password for the user. Bug?

Desired behaviour.  Samba 2.2 will only deal with accounts also present
via getpwnam().  I have a patch for Samba HEAD that removes this
restriction - I'll post it to samba-technical later tonight.

(this is what I call 'non unix accounts').

Andrew Bartlett

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