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Gerald Carter jerry at samba.org
Sat Feb 9 05:51:04 GMT 2002

On Sat, 9 Feb 2002, BASING Denis Zvegelj wrote:

> Hi!
>     Not sure who is really responsible for this, but it'd be good to put
> some more info into the readme file (installation guide)  I could not
> find any explanation for the compile (configure) arguments, except in
> ./configure --help, which isn't very much explaining. I was trying to
> get browse list populated accross lan for the last 6 months ( and I've
> used samba for 2 years before), and finally made it last night with a
> very random (at least for regular user)  move, which was chmod of the
> samba log dir... .. or adding guest account to be a real account with
> smbpasswd...
> You should put those basic info in a single install manual, so users
> don't spend hours to configure it.  It is only a matter of 50 lines or
> so of the text.

People have asked for this from time to time so I thought I would 
address the topic.

The best way to solve this IMO is a smb.conf wizard which will
generate a working configuration based on answers to a few simple 
questions.  The problem with a manual is that by nature, it would 
get very long as it tried to address all needs.  A smb.conf 
generator would act as a guide.

This has been discussed and if you are interested in helping
(or leading) the work on it, please post a message on samba-technical
indicating so.  I'm tied up on other projects and am unable to
work on something like this.

chau, jerry
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