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Andrew Bartlett abartlet at pcug.org.au
Sat Feb 9 02:34:07 GMT 2002

> BASING Denis Zvegelj wrote:
> Hi!
>     Not sure who is really responsible for this, but it'd be good to
> put some more info into the readme file (installation guide)
> I could not find any explanation for the compile (configure)
> arguments, except in ./configure --help, which isn't very much
> explaining.

If ./configure is in any way daunting to you, I would recommend the
binary packages, as they are already customised to your platform.

> I was trying to get browse list populated accross lan for the last 6
> months ( and I've used samba for 2 years before), and finally made it
> last night with a very random (at least for regular user)  move, which
> was chmod of the samba log dir...
> .. or adding guest account to be a real account with smbpasswd...

Neither of these should be required for correct operation.  I think it
was one of the other 'random' operations you did at the same time.

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