[Samba] need help connecting to W2K Advanced Server

Chris Duxler CDuxler at foodconnex.com
Fri Feb 8 15:07:10 GMT 2002

Hey List,
So I have a Solaris Box running SUSE Linux v.6.x and Samba 2.0.7.  The story
goes like this
All windows boxes in the domain (that the SUSE is part of) can connect and
authenticate to my shares on the Linux box perfectly, the trouble arises
when I go the other way.  
I have shares on a couple of W2K boxes that I would like to connect the
Linux box to.  When I issue the following command:
smbmount //mymachine/myshare /mymountpoint U username
I get a request for a password, and enter it, then I get back the following
from samba
session setup failed: ERRDOS - 2215
SMB connection failed
anyone have any ideas on the following:
1) What is this error exactly telling me?
2) How do I resolve it
Thanks for your help,
Christopher Duxler
IT Director
foodconnex worldwide
(800) 559-8500 (phone)
(530) 887-1224 (fax)
PS If anyone is into trading Jam Band Music (phish, dead, string cheese,
etc) drop me a line and I can provide credentials to my FTP server at
www.shntunes.org <http://www.shntunes.org/> 
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