[Samba] Home share mapping

Gary Algier gaa at ulticom.com
Fri Feb 8 12:52:10 GMT 2002

I'm sorry I don't have a fix for you.  I reported this a few months
back, but nobody has been able to help.  In my case I was using it as in
     include = somefile.%U
Where I had several shares that I only wanted to be visible to people
if they could access them.  Unfortunately these became "somefile.nobody".
So, I created a file "somefile.nobody" that consisted of:
     include = somefile.user1
     include = somefile.user2
etc.  The Win2k people just get stuck looking at hundreds of shares.  This gets
them confused, but...  It could be worse, I could be using a Windoze server.

As to your problem, I guess you will need to either reorganize your
files, or perhaps create a directory named "/home/users/-1" that contains
lots of symlinks into the various username dirs.  Something like:
     mkdir /home/users/-1
     cd /home/users/-1
     ln -s ../[a-z]*/* .

Auleta, Michael wrote:

> The clients are both Win2K PC's and Windows Terminal Server running NT4.  I
> have some Macs runing Dave, but they haven't been tested yet.  I just ran a
> truss, and the user id shows up alright, but the group id shows up as -1.  I
> see a stat64 function that returns /home/users/groupname/username, then a
> few lines later I see another stat64 function that returns 
> /home/users/-1/username.
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> Michael:
> Are the clients running Win2k?  Can you trace the running smbd process?
> This looks like my problem.  With Win2k the macros %u and %U seem to
> be intepretted as "nobody" in some situations.  Nothging shows in the
> log to indicate this, however, hence the need to run "truss" (or strace,
> etc.) on the running smbd.
> Auleta, Michael wrote:
>>I've been looking at Samba version 2.2.3 & 2.2.3a and I'm coming across an
>>issue I haven't seen with my previous installations.  If I create a home
>>share with a path defined as /home/users/%g/%u in versions 2.0.6 & 2.2.2
>>(the ones I have experience with), the home share can be mapped.  If I do
>>the same with 2.2.3* I get an error "The Network Name Cannot be Found".
>>Other shares can be mapped, and if I browse the server, the home directory
>>share does not show up.  If I remove the path definition from the home
> share
>>and restart Samba, the share shows up again, and is able to be mapped.
> I'm
>>using domain security with a users.map file under Solaris 8.

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