[Samba] Problem with script logon

Frank Fürst ffrank at rz.uni-potsdam.de
Fri Feb 8 10:56:06 GMT 2002

"Cleiton L. Siqueira" <cleiton at colegiomonjolo.com.br> schrieb:

> Dear,
> I've had a problem with my Samba Server. I've installed it in my FreeBSD 4.2 box.
> The script logon is running in the Windows 98, but it isn't mapping the drive.
> My script is test.bat and is written the following line into the script:
> When the script runs, it returns me that the share doesn't exist or is
> written wrong.  Therefore, If I run the same command NET USE F:
> \\SERVER\TEST in a DOS prompt, it gets to map the drive.  

What happens if you double-click on the script? The batch file needs DOS
CR-LF line endings.

Bye, Frank

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