[Samba] Problem with script logon

Cleiton L. Siqueira cleiton at colegiomonjolo.com.br
Fri Feb 8 07:57:06 GMT 2002


I've had a problem with my Samba Server. I've installed it in my FreeBSD 4.2 box.
The script logon is running in the Windows 98, but it isn't mapping the drive.
My script is test.bat and is written the following line into the script:


When the script runs, it returns me that the share doesn't exist or is written wrong.
Therefore, If I run the same command NET USE F: \\SERVER\TEST in a DOS prompt, it gets to map the drive.
It's weird, because if it gets to map after logon why doesn't it get to map when the script logon is running?


Cleiton L. Siqueira
Colégio Monjolo
cleiton at colegiomonjolo.com.br
(0xx45) 522-1915

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