[Samba] useradd with "$" character within loginname

Josh Konkol susesambaboy at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 7 08:47:03 GMT 2002

If you're creating a machine account you need to specify -m, then it should 


On Thursday 07 February 2002 05:49, dr.no wrote:
> any help welcome
> thanks

how can i tell the useradd(8) command to add an user which contains a "$" 
character within it's loginname?
it only allows alphanumeric characters for a loginname! i need this "$" 
for the automatic creation of a machine-account for my samba server (PDC). 

(smb.conf parameter: add user script = adduser -d /dev/null -s /sbin/nologin 
quoting or escaping "$" does not work. (e.g. adduser NAME\$)    
adduser under linux does not complain about a $, how to solve this problem 
under openbsd?

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