[Samba] problem switching PDC from NT4 to Samba

Albrecht Dreß adress at idsystems-ag.de
Thu Feb 7 08:30:08 GMT 2002

Hi All!

Please excuse me if this is a really dumb question, I am new to this 
list, and I am usually a pure unix user...

I currently have a system with a NT4 SP6 PDC server and a Linux samba 
2.2.0 (From SuSE 7.2) machine. My idea is to "downgrade" the nt box to 
a simple (not PDC) server, and to use the samba machine as PDC. This 
works great for '98 clients, but I was not able to add the NT machine 
to the "new" pdc. I followed the instructions (created a new domain, 
added a passwd entry and smbpasswd entry for the machine), and I was 
able to change the domain in the NT box (it told me that it joined the 
new domain successfully). However, it does *not* ask samba for password 
authentications, but still keeps its old user data base. Is there any 
"magic" to make NT forget this and ask samba instead? Furthermore, I 
noticed that the machine account's password in smbpasswd for NT box was 
not changed by joining the domain. Is this correct?

Any help is welcome!

Thanks in advance,


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