[Samba] Win98SE and VFAT Mounted Share

Martyn Ranyard ranyardm at lineone.net
Thu Feb 7 08:30:56 GMT 2002

I've not seen a problem like this, especially not with just the OS being 
different, one thing I can suggest is to move the home directories off 
vfat, either onto another drive, or onto a loopback file on vfat.  This 
could be a workround.

One thing to check before falling back to extreme measures is the username 
and password,  be sure that you can write from XP as a user, and then login 
as that user to 98 and try the write then.


At 11:14 AM 2/7/02 -0500, Foss.KS at forces.ca wrote:
>I am running 2.0.7 on RH7.1 and I have a partition on my harddrive (about
>22GB) that originally came from the computer when it had Windows on it.  I
>have used this drive to store files and make backups so I don't want to wipe
>it and make it a linux partition.  I have very little space free on the root
>partition (about 1GB) so I can't transfer the files before reformatting.
>What I have tried to do is to mount the VFAT partition as '/home'.  In the
>fstab I have used the 'umask=1000' option so that all accessible to everyone
>(just to get things working).  On Win98SE only, I cannot write to the home
>directories.  I have two WinXP PC that have no problems writing to their
>'home' shares.  If I remove the 22GB VFAT partition from the fstab and leave
>the home directories on the root partition, then Win98SE has no issues and I
>can write freely.
>I have done chmod 777 on the 'home' on the VFAT partition.  As well, each
>user directory in 'home' has had its ownership and group set to themselves.
>Any idea if Win98SE has some issues with the permissions.  I wouldn't
>believe so as Win98SE has no clue that the share it is looking at is VFAT
>and Windows doesn't look at the ownership anyways.
>Sorry I don't have my smb.conf to provide, but it is pretty much a stock
>file as I have made only mininal modifications to the example provided with
>Kevin Foss
>Ottawa, Canada
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