[Samba] Win98SE and VFAT Mounted Share

Foss.KS at forces.ca Foss.KS at forces.ca
Thu Feb 7 08:22:05 GMT 2002

I am running 2.0.7 on RH7.1 and I have a partition on my harddrive (about
22GB) that originally came from the computer when it had Windows on it.  I
have used this drive to store files and make backups so I don't want to wipe
it and make it a linux partition.  I have very little space free on the root
partition (about 1GB) so I can't transfer the files before reformatting.

What I have tried to do is to mount the VFAT partition as '/home'.  In the
fstab I have used the 'umask=1000' option so that all accessible to everyone
(just to get things working).  On Win98SE only, I cannot write to the home
directories.  I have two WinXP PC that have no problems writing to their
'home' shares.  If I remove the 22GB VFAT partition from the fstab and leave
the home directories on the root partition, then Win98SE has no issues and I
can write freely.

I have done chmod 777 on the 'home' on the VFAT partition.  As well, each
user directory in 'home' has had its ownership and group set to themselves.

Any idea if Win98SE has some issues with the permissions.  I wouldn't
believe so as Win98SE has no clue that the share it is looking at is VFAT
and Windows doesn't look at the ownership anyways.

Sorry I don't have my smb.conf to provide, but it is pretty much a stock
file as I have made only mininal modifications to the example provided with

Kevin Foss
Ottawa, Canada

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