[Samba] 2 GB Limit

Anders Widman andewid at tnonline.net
Thu Feb 7 02:01:04 GMT 2002

2002-02-07 09:15:30, Hartmut Steffin <hsteffin at pecos.de> wrote:

>Trond Eivind Glomsrød wrote:
>> It's not correct. The filesystem ext2 haven't limited files in such a
>> way, but the kernel/glibc infrastructure didn't support big
>> files. This was changed 2 years ago or so...
>obviously true. as i wrote in my first posting already, i HAVE files of
>2GB+ on both sides (ntfs, ext2) but could not tranfers them through
>file size limit seems to be 4GB.
>Joseph, fileSYSTEM size can/should be considered unlimited (for
>practical reasons) on modern OSs and usual already is. i don't know
>exact numbers, but if you use prefixes east of tera... then you shouldnt
>bother (at least nowadays. knowbody knows what multimedia types come
>next.) this applies to both modern UNIXes and M$.
>thanks for your help, both of you.

Well the filesize limit for NTFS is  a 64 bit value, wich means (for now anyway) unlimited filesze. I don't know about Samba, but in my oppinion someone should make Samba support 64bit  filesizes..


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