[Samba] Samba 2.0.9 + NT 4.0 multiple domains

Martin Schretzmeier mod at aon.at
Wed Feb 6 11:52:04 GMT 2002


I've problems to setup samba 2.0.9 ( originally it's HP CIFS/9000, but
that's using 2.0.9 as basis).
They problem is the current NT-Domain-Structure, because thats a very
difficult setup. I try to explain

We have 4 Logon-Domains where the users resides. One domain per location, so
lets call the domain
LOC1 to LOC4. Then we have more Resource-Domains, one for each department,
so lets call them
DEP1 and DEP2. The 4 Logon-Domains are fully trusted to each other ... but
the resource-domains
only trust to the Logon-Domains.

The samba-server is located in domain DEP1. We have created a
Machine-Account on the PDC and
the smbpasswd-command to join the domain worked.

Some samba-parameters:
password server = LOC1-PDC LOC2-PDC LOC3-PDC LOC4-PDC

I know that this is not like it should be, but the PDC from the DEP1-Domain
would reject the authentication
anyway because it doesn't have any users and it does not forwarding or
something. So I tried it with the
Logon-domain-pdcs. The PDCs are answering "NO_TRUSTED_SAM_ACCOUNT", which
isn't what I

I have no idea if that could work with samba, but I know that the same
schema is working with ASU/9000
which was the hp-product before CIFS.Also I don't know what more information
to provide, even I don't
have to deep NT-knowlegde. But maybe somebody has any idea or wants more
information. Any input/help
is welcome.


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