[Samba] CUPS printer names with spaces in them... Work or Not?

Bryan Fetzer bryan2424 at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 6 06:12:02 GMT 2002

I am doing a “drop-in” replacement of an NT print
server. We have all printers centrally installed on
one machine. One thing that seems to be a problem is
printer names that are long and have spaces in them. I
have manually edited the printers.conf file in
/etc/cups to reflect names such as Lexmark Optra Rt
PCL – Marketing . I did not and would not ever setup a
print server like this. However, this is what I am
stuck with and I need to replace it. 

CUPS doesn’t seem to like this naming method (with
spaces). When I go to http://localhost:631 all of the
printers show up. However, printing via these CUPS
printers, which do get shared out automatically by
samba, DOES NOT WORK. The print jobs seem to just

So here’s what I have come up with. 
1.I could simply just setup the printers using some
other naming method in CUPS and then share out the
CUPS printers via Samba using the original naming
method that we are dealing with rightnow. (I know this
will work) 
------if this is the route I HAVE to go, how can I
suppress samba automatically sharing out the CUPS

2.The easier/harder method would be for someone to
help me figure out how/if CUPS will support printer
names with spaces in the name.

Thanks everyone.  

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