[Samba] Licensing question: Using Samba in a medical system

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at pcug.org.au
Wed Feb 6 00:47:57 GMT 2002

Taegert-Kilger Christoph : SSME wrote:
> Hello!
> We would like to use Samba in a medical system.
> It would be used to give to a Windows NT workstation
> transparent access to files on a Linux workstation
> (file system mapping).
> This should be possible by installing Samba without
> changing it and as a separate component of the
> overall installation.
> Our question: In order to fulfill the licensing requirements,
> what would we have to give to our end users?
> Would a commitment in the user manual according to
> section 3b) of the GPL (commitment to provide the
> sources on request) do, or would we have to take other
> steps?
> In particular: Would we have to reveal any details of source code
> of other components of the systems than Samba?

Unless you modify or use Samba's code in your own (unreleased) product,
then no - you are perfectly fine.  See how the GPL distinguishes between
'derivitive works' and 'mere aggrigation'.  Landing the samba tarball
(and installation scripts for your setup) in a subdir of the
installation CDROM would also provide complience - without the need to
keep track of old verions forever.  Either way, thanks for asking - and
good luck with your product!

The final word on this is the GPL itself - and a competent laywer (which
I am not :-) should give similar advice.  (Also remember to do likewise
for the other GPL system components).

Andrew Bartlett

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