[Samba] Licensing question: Using Samba in a medical system

Taegert-Kilger Christoph : SSME Christoph.Taegert-Kilger at ssme.siemens.com.cn
Mon Feb 4 22:17:05 GMT 2002


We would like to use Samba in a medical system.
It would be used to give to a Windows NT workstation
transparent access to files on a Linux workstation
(file system mapping).
This should be possible by installing Samba without
changing it and as a separate component of the 
overall installation.

Our question: In order to fulfill the licensing requirements,
what would we have to give to our end users? 
Would a commitment in the user manual according to 
section 3b) of the GPL (commitment to provide the 
sources on request) do, or would we have to take other

In particular: Would we have to reveal any details of source code
of other components of the systems than Samba?

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