[Samba] Unable to change Samba password from client W95/W98

Kestutis Saldziunas k.saldziunas at medbank.lt
Tue Feb 5 05:46:07 GMT 2002


I have allready tested my new Samba 2.2.3 server instalation, it works perfect ! Now I am going step by step to increase functionality of my Samba servers. I want to let users to change their passwords themself, but the error appears on users workstations (W95/W98):

Unable to change pwd for Microsoft Windows because of following error: Incorrect password.

On server log of workstation:

[2002/02/05 11:58:28, 0] smbd/chgpasswd.c:check_oem_password(761)
  check_oem_password: getsmbpwnam returned NULL
[2002/02/05 11:58:28, 0] passdb/passdb.c:pdb_free_sam(210)
  pdb_free_sam: SAM_ACCOUNT was NULL

Any commnets any suggestions ? Thanks in advance !

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