[Samba] Samba, NetBSD, and mapping groups

Ken Cross kjchome at home.com
Mon Feb 4 20:10:33 GMT 2002

Samba works well with NetBSD, but many of the more advanced/useful
features don't work.  In particular, winbind doesn't work (because
NetBSD lacks nsswitch support) and winbind via PAM doesn't work because
NetBSD doesn't support PAM.

I can map domain users in a reasonable fashion using "add user script"
and "username map" as necessary.  

My problem is mapping domain groups.  Winbind isn't available, and I
can't figure out how to enable "groupname map" (or "domain group map")
-- it appears to have been de-supported.

Any suggestions how to support domain groups without winbind?


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