[Samba] Linux not seeing Windows Files

Michael L. Gauley mgauley at vtc.edu
Mon Feb 4 11:22:35 GMT 2002

Hey All,
	I have been working on a set of scripts that scan a local network and
catalog the open shares and the files in them. I have gotten a good
distance into this project but have come across a snag. When I mount a
share using smbmount I don't always see all the files. Here is how I
mount my roommates computer---

smbmount //DEATHSTAR/share /home/user/mnt/DEATHSTAR/share/ -o

This works and I can see files, but I can only see 4000 or so out of
The client is running Mandrake8.1 with samba 2.2.2 and the server is
Windows2000 Pro. 
Any help with this would be appreciated.


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