[Samba] Linux not seeing Windows Files

Urban Widmark urban at teststation.com
Fri Feb 8 14:02:03 GMT 2002

On 4 Feb 2002, Michael L. Gauley wrote:

> This works and I can see files, but I can only see 4000 or so out of
> 8000+ 
> The client is running Mandrake8.1 with samba 2.2.2 and the server is
> Windows2000 Pro. 

kernel version?
Any error messages from the kernel? (dmesg, any smb_ related output)

Any pattern to which filenames are missing?

A network trace of the traffic generated by your ls command could perhaps
say if this is an error caused by a communication breakdown. Or it could
show that the server is returning all the entries and that this is an
internal smbfs error.

Ethereal is very nice for looking at SMB traffic, www.ethereal.com, you
want version 0.9.0 or later. It presents the packets in a way that does 
not require intimate knowledge on SMB to understand.

I have received a few similar reports before, but I have nothing that
indicates what is happening. It's not as simple as smbfs being unable to
list dirs larger than 4000 entries.


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