[Samba] newbie needs direction

Ray Tayek rtayek at mediaone.net
Sat Feb 2 13:05:05 GMT 2002

hi, i'm a programmer and have been fooling around with various versions of 
samba on redhat (6.2 and 7.2)  and slackware  i built the latest stable 
release, but no luck either. i currently have a vanilla installation of 
redhat 7.2 server installed with whatever samba came with it. the linux box 
and some win98se clients are on a local lan behind a linksys router in 
front of a cable modem.

i have been trying the steps in Troubleshooting Techniques at 
http://us1.samba.org/samba/docs/ and the how to at 
http://us1.samba.org/samba/docs/Samba-HOWTO-Collection.html and a few 
others. all the tests in the Troubleshooting Techniques work until i get to 
smbclient //host/share -U user%password (which works if password encryption 
is turned on) or i get to net view or net use (they want passwords).

currently trying:

         workgroup = MYGROUP
         guest ok = no
         read only = no

and smbclient //host/usr works, but net view says: error 86 ... password is 
incorrect ...

is there a script that i could run that would torture test the linux side 
of this so that i can know that one side works?

how about a batch file on the windoze side?

i have the same user with the same password on both boxen. do i need to 
make smbpasswords?

do i need to fool around with lmhosts on the windoze side? does windows 
need entries on hosts?

i just have some win98se clients and i want to be able to see some of the 
linux files from the network neighborhood. each user should be able to 
access his home and anybody should be able to write to /tmp.

this seems pretty complicated and brain damaged (at least on the windoze 
side). do i need to buy a bunch of hefty tombs and become a network admin 
type in self defense? (if so, what are your top 3 book recommendation).


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