[Samba] account is not authorized

Raj rgoud at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 2 10:56:02 GMT 2002

Hi List, 
I installed Samba on Solaris and when I try to acess
from the NT in the same VLAN, I am getting the
following error

c:\net use z:\\servername\sharename
c:\the password is invalid for \\
system error 1240 occured
The account is not authorized to login from this

Do I need to create a login account same as UNIX

We usually login to UNIX servers through ssh and when
I tried c:\net use z:\\servername\sharename from my pc
it just hangs. We have VPN open from our LAN to the
data center where we have our servers and they are
behind firewall. Is there any port need to be opened
in order to connect to shares from Samba. 

Please help!

Thanks in advance


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