[Samba] Problems with a PDC

David Soler beavies at punkass.com
Mon Dec 30 21:49:00 GMT 2002


Perhaps I'm going to ask a stupid question, but it
represents a problem for me :'(.

My intention is to build a PDC  with samba in a lan filled up with Windows
clients. I have set up the Samba server and I can "mount" a directory from
samba in a letter on a windows machine, such as g: for example. This works
fine, but...

I can't log in, or validate users, against the samba server. When in a
windows machine an user press crtl+alt+del and
puts his username+password+domain correctly, windows responds that
it can't connect to the domain controller or that account doesn't exist on
the server... but it exists.

Obviously, the user exists in the server: /etc/passwd and
/.../smbpasswd and have the rights to log in.

I have read some interesting things in the documentation about to make
an account to validate a Comnputer (Creating Machine trust
Accounts and joining clients to the domain) and I have
followed the steps and worked fine, but the client cannot be validated.

So my question is:

- How can I use Samba to validate users (and make then execute a logon
script when they log in) ?

- There are problems with Windows XP ?

The lines above are extracted from my smb.conf:

netbios name=OFI
wins support=Yes
os level=64
preferred master=Yes
local master =yes
domain master=yes
encrypt passwords=yes
logon script=%U.bat

read only=yes

valid user=%U
create mask=0660


I'm using Samba 2.2.7a and it works fine so if I type:

net use j: \\ip_samba_server\home

It ask me for the user/password to establish de
"connection" (it demands the password because I can't validate the user at
login time).

Well... That's all. 

Thanks for your patiente and sorry for my English level ;P.


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