[Samba] vs W95

Joel Hammer Joel at HammersHome.com
Sun Dec 29 17:31:02 GMT 2002

This is your first samba installation, so, I would think about your
Why don't you post it?
What do you see with tcpdump during the interaction?
The smb.conf entries below let my windows98 boxes log on as a guest user
without difficulty:

# Global parameters
        encrypt passwords = yes 
	netbios name = HAMMER2
	interfaces = 
	security = SHARE
	log level = 3 
	guest account = ftp
	strict sync = Yes

	comment = All Files
	path = /
	read only = no
	guest ok =  yes

To get rid of all pesky permissions problems, try making guest account =
root. (You do have a guest account, don't you?) Since I don't use passwords,
I can't tell you much about smbpasswd, but, you may need to add some users
with it.


Sun, Dec 29, 2002 at 09:41:32AM -0500, cbsled at ncia.net wrote:
> This is my first Samba installation.
> It worked one time.
> The next time I started the W95 box, it wouldn't log in. I tried the regedit "EnablePlainTextPassword" on and off, I tried different passwords, I tried null passwords, I tried a "guest ok" share. No go on anything. There is no firewall on the server. It's on an isolated network, so it doesn't need one. A Linux laptop connected to the network has no trouble logging on. The Samba server logs all the login attempts as "authentication failure", while the same username and password works from the laptop. 
> Any suggestions?
> (Besides format and install Linux)
> Any useful diagnostics from DOS? 

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