[Samba] Re: Fwd: Samba & Referrals

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at metzemix.de
Sun Dec 29 11:26:54 GMT 2002

>>I am the administrator of a network student that hosts 2000 accounts of 
>>students from three schools. We use a different LDAP base from each 
>>school, bases are linked with referrals.
>>BUT, as you know, Samba does not support referrals, I found your patch 
>>that enable referrals (but i don't find the smb.conf option to define the 
>>users for each LDAP base).

the openldap libs have referral handling on by default (I think), so a 
config option is not needed.
and the samba code should support referrals without my patch...

My patch only adds options in smb.conf for advanced configuration of the 
openldap libs used by samba.

I don't really understand why/how you will define users for each LDAP base???

if you have

the root server DC=MYLDAPBASE

and the first subbase server DC=SUBBASE1,DC=MYLDAPBASE
and the second subbase server DC=SUBBASE2,DC=MYLDAPBASE

simply use:

         ldap suffix = DC=MYLDAPBASE

         /* this dn must be valid on each server */
         ldap admin dn = CN=admin,DC=MYLDAPBASE

         /* these option are used when you add a user or machine accound with
         smbpasswd,pdbedit or over RPC/smbd
         but in your setup you should use own tools (PHP) or to manage the 
         and find a central subbase for computer accounts
         ldap machine suffix = CN=Computers,DC=MYLDAPBASE
         ldap machine suffix =
         ldap user suffix =

please test this...

>>Is your patch still available and do you you still develop it or is there 
>>another (better ?) way to support referrals in Samba ?
>>Thanks for your help.
>>Lionel Porcheron
>Stefan "metze" Metzmacher <metze at metzemix.de>

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