[Samba] How to join Linux to Win2k PDC

Gerd-Christian Michalke gmichalk at freegates.be
Sun Dec 29 09:23:00 GMT 2002

On Sonntag, 29. Dezember 2002 09:06, senthilg at jadooworks.com wrote:
> Hi All,

Good morning !

> Sorry for asking the most repeated question again. Just because I could not
> get a proper guide for doing this.  Can anyone please tell me how to make a
> linux system running samba server and client to connect ( log on to ) to a
> windows2000 based domain and act as a part of it ?  Any useful link also
> would do.

This is quite well described in the SAMA Project-Documentation on the SAMBA 
Website.  It's the chapter 12 in PDF, page 75 ;-). 


and have a look for the Samba Howto Collection (it is only a german mirror, 
the doc remains in english)

Basically :
- create an machine account on the WIN2K PDC (I never used a Win2K server, so 
maybe this is done automatically)
on the samba (thus "client" side)
- setup the smb.conf in order to have winbind uig and gid up
- join the domain (it is smthg such as smbpasswd -j THE_DOMAIN -r THE_PDC)
- start winbindd
- check wether it works with wbinfo (please have a look on the man pages)

I do not know if you will have this problem (I had)
- pay attention to your hosts file on the samba server
- maybe you will have to setup a wins server (I really do not understand why I 
had to, but after that, it worked just fine).

One last word : since I do not (enfin, my company) own Win2K server (guess why 
;-) ) the PDC was a Samba

> thanks in advance :-)

If you need some further assistance, just ask !

> senthil


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